Hunsberger Scholarship Program

In 1999 a scholarship program was established by the Hunsberger family for the children of Oceanside Village residents. Each year a $1000.00 scholarship was awarded to a deserving student. In 2002, the program was increased allowing for two $3,000.00 scholarships to be awarded to one male and one female recipient to further their education. The Hunsberger Scholarship winners are listed below. Oceanside Village and its residents sincerely thank the Hunsberger family for their generosity in assisting with the education of so many fine young people over the years.

Recipient Parent/Guardian OSV Address
1999 Lisa Geno Richard and Lee Geno 401 Sanddollar
2000 Brian Pritchett Dennis and Diane Pritchett 402 Meadowlark
2001 Reanne Lynn Marion Daniel and Barbara Marion 2058 Morning Glory
2002 Lacey Jane Haseman Jerry and Myrna Haseman 1513 Mason
2003 Lindsey Wall Scott and Susan Wimmer 264 Melody Gardens
2003 Michael Palmer Dick and Suzann Palmer 227 Melody Gardens
2004 Catherine Atkins George and Robin Atkins 219 Melody Gardens
2004 Jonathan Bui Richard and Deborah Bui 1603 Mason Circle
2005 LeeAnn Vass Frank and Linda Vass 519 Sandpebble
2005 Carson Allen Steen Allen and Debra Steen 528 Sandpebble
2006 Adria Kincaid Troy and Barbara McFarland 230 Meadowlark
2006 Joshua Atkinson Charles and Libby Schmitt 160 Georges Bay
2007 Morgan Miller Randy and Kathy Miller 1819 Kingfisher
2007 Terry Page Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Page 432 Sanddollar
2008 Tiffany C. Fairchild Mr. and Mrs. Steve 237 Georges Bay
2008 Justin M. Bui Richard and Deborah Bui 1603 Mason Circle
2009 Eleanor E. Burkhart Mr. and Mrs. Doug Burkhart 1690 Ibis
2009 Michael Rice Lisa Eaton and Alton Fritz 311 Sanddollar and 1779 East Lake
2010 Ronee' Marie Tatton Paul and Rhonda Tatton 525 Sandpebble
2010 Adam Steen Allen and Debra Steen 528 Sandpebble
2011 Lisa Coyle David and Cindy Coyle 274 Meadowlark
2011 Karli Barnett Richard and Charlene Barnett 1773 Egret
2012 Ryan P. Bunts Laura and Mickey Bunts 266 Georges Bay Rd
2012 Morgan Ivanova Kathy and Randy Miller 1819 Kingfisher
2013 Erin Bunts Laura and Mickey Bunts 266 Georges Bay Rd
2013 Christopher Rice Lisa Rice 311 Sanddollar

Oceanside Village Annual Awards

Volunteer of the Year
(Sponsored by the Hunsberger Family)
  Lifetime of Service
(Sponsored by Rose Real Estate)
2003 Bernie and Betty Heavey    
2004 Jerry Johnstone    
2005 Mary Ann Campbell    
2006 Alice Lewis   2006 Walt Keener
2007 Ed and Alice Eiceman   2007 Mary Jo Kropp
2008 Mary Margaret Malarich   2008 French O'Shields
2009 Ed Maurer   2009 Nick Rittweger
2010 Richard and Suzanne Palmer   2010 Glen Jacobs
2011 Carol Botkins   2011 Joe and Theresa Barilaro
2012 Angie Sensenich   2012 Karen L. Porter
2013 Linda Riggles   2013 Ellie Serra
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