Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If we have an interest in becoming an Oceanside Village resident who should we contact first?
A. The rose Real Estate sales staff would be happy to assist you with information on becoming a homeowner in Oceanside Village. Rose Real Estate is located on site at the corner of Highway 17 and Melody Lane.

Q. What makes up the rental fee referred to in item number three of the sublease agreement and which entity is the owner of these funds?
A. Each month, a resident of Oceanside Village pays a lease fee and an amenities fee that make up the rental fee. Both lease and amenities fees are the property of Oceanside Village, LLC.

Q. Is there an accounting of how amenities fees are spent on a yearly basis?
A. Each year there is an annual accounting review by a certified public accountant of all income and expenses related to the operation of Oceanside Village. See section 7 of your sublease for additional information.

Q. When are lease and amenities fees due?
A. Sublease and amenities fees are due by the 10th of each month and late fees are assessed if the monthly payment is received after the 10th of the month.

Q. What are amenities fees used for?
A. Amenities fees are used by the Landlord for capital improvements as well as operational costs in Oceanside Village. Please re-read item 4 in your sub-lease agreement for more information.

Q. When is a residency application required?
A. Prior to moving into Oceanside Village, whether purchasing or renting a home, a residency application must be completed and approved by the Landlord. Vacation rentals are the exception to this rule.

Q. Are home businesses permitted to operate out of homes at Oceanside Village?
A. Oceanside Village is a single-family residential community and businesses are not allowed to operate within the village unless it is one operated by Oceanside Village, LLC or with its approval.

Q. Can I park my recreational vehicle at my residence?
A. You may have your RV on your lot for three (3) days prior to leaving on a trip and for three (3) days after you return, giving you time to unpack. However, on the fourth (4th) day it must be put in storage, either in maintenance (if space is available) or parked off site.

Q. Can someone sell my residence at Oceanside Village on my behalf?
A. No residence can be sold in Oceanside Village unless the listing agent or selling agent is either the owner or a licensed South Carolina real estate agent.

Q. Can a "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign be placed on anything I would like to sell or rent?
A. No sign can be displayed on or in any residence, vehicle, or lot advertising any object for sale or rent.

Q. Is there a scheduled trash pick up and when can trash be put at the curbside?
A. Household trash must be bagged and put into the blue or gray trash cans, which is picked up on Saturdays. Bagged yard debris is picked up by maintenance on Mondays and Fridays at no charge. A charge will be levied against a resident when maintenance picks up "non-qualifying trash" or "bulk items", defined as appliances, large tree limbs, un-bagged yard debris, lumber, carpeting, building materials, furniture and/or other similar non-residential trash.

Q. Is there a fee to join the fitness center?
A. For homeowners there is a fee of $20 per homeowner for the year, beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st. For family members living within the household who are over the age of 16 there is a fee of $20 per year. For family members who do not live with the homeowner there is a fee of $20 per week. Renters are charged a rate of $25 per person per week. Snowbirds are charged a fee of $25 per person, per month. Payment is for the full month (1st - 31st) and is not prorated.

Q. What type of equipment is in the fitness center?
A. We have treadmills, a recumbent bike, an elliptical machine and free weights as well as several individual machines designed for specialized weight training. The hours of operation are 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Q. Can renters bring their own golf carts on property?
A. Golf carts are available to rent on property. Vacation renters may NOT operate or register personal golf carts for use in Oceanside Village or in the beachfront parking area.

Q. What age must you be to drive a golf cart in Oceanside Village?
A. All golf cart operators must have a valid drivers license or learner's permit to operate a golf cart on Oceanside Village property. Drivers must be able to produce the valid ID upon request. Rental golf cart operators must be 16 years of age and have a valid drivers license.

Q. Are home rentals managed through the Oceanside Village office?
A. No, the management office does not handle rentals. You may contact Rose Real Estate, which is on-site, by calling 800-845-6706. They have a rental program that is used by many of our homeowners.

Q. What are the swimming pool hours of operation?
A. Pools are open during the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The indoor (Oasis) pool is open year round while the outdoor (Hickory) pool is open during the season only.

Q. Does Oceanside Village have bicycles or tennis rackets available for rent. Are volleyballs and basketballs available?
A. Only golf carts can be rented, we do not rent bicycles or tennis rackets. Volleyballs and basketballs are available at the management office to check out.

Q. Where can the keys to the tennis courts be obtained?
A. Keys to the tennis courts can be checked out at the guardhouse. You must leave you driver's license while playing. Please return keys as soon as your game is over.

Q. Is the a convenience store or laundromat on property?
A. No, however, there are several nearby.

Q. Is there WiFi available in the village?
A. Yes, at the activities center parking lot and on the east deck of the Oasis pool.

Q. During what hours are the guards in the guardhouse? How do we gain admittance if there is not a guard at the guardhouse?
A. Oceanside Village has 24-hour security. A guard is in the guardhouse from 6:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. After that he is on patrol, but will return to the guardhouse within 5 minutes when summoned on the buzzer at the front entrance. The only exception would be if he was on an emergency call in the community.

Q. Are motorcycles allowed in Oceanside Village?
A. Yes, however we request that you only use as transportation from the gate to your residence.

Q. Is there extra parking available for cars and/or boats when space is not available at the residence?
A. Yes, when space is available we have overflow parking areas. However, during office hours you must obtain an overflow parking pass from the office or after hours from security.

Q. Are there any discounts for residents or renters of Oceanside Village at Tupelo Bay or Runaway Bay?
A. You may pick discount coupons at Rose Real Estate when they are available.

Q. If names are changed on the sublease, does a new title have to be obtained?
A. No, as long as the primary owner(s) is on the sublease and title.

Q. Can the name on the title be changed if there is currently a lien on the home?
A. No.

Q. If changing names on a sublease, will it be necessary to upgrade to the current 2077 sublease?
A. Only immediate family members can maintain the current sublease.

Q. Can a sublease be in the name of a business?
A. The sublease and title must be in the business owners name D/B/A.

Q. Are individual private ingnition required on all golf carts within Oceanside Village.
A. Yes, as a security precaution a private individual ingnition is required. You may contact the Property Manager's Office at 843-650-4440 for further information.

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